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Seaview Aquariums established over 25 years ago, and is one of Perth’s finest aquarium only stores. We are a family owned store with staff ready to assist you in all your fish needs. Over the years we have built a reputation for being friendly and customer orientated, all our staff are fish enthusiasts just like YOU.

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Sea the Difference

custom aquarium

Seaview Aquariums can offer your imagination a chance to express itself in the most vivid and visually stunning way possible. Using many different techniques and materials to achieve individual artistic aquatic works has been a personal affair at Seaview since its inception over 25 years ago.

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We here at Seaview are a little different if you know us! We like to take different approaches. Our business we treat more like a hobby for you the customer to make it a more enjoyable atmosphere. In saying this we sponsor not just aquarium forums but also other avenues that we are passionate about. Below you will find links to numerous sponsorships by Seaview!

STORE IS CURRENTLY IN TESTING MODE — no orders shall be fulfilled.